Friday, June 8, 2012


If you've ever felt bloated, burpy, gassy, fatigue or even heartburn after a meal, chances are you're guilty of bad food combining. The gist of food combing is this: starch is broken down in the mouth, and small intestine(an alkaline environment), and protein is broken down in the stomach(an acidic environment),
never eat these 2 things together because they slow down the digestion of each other. Also never eat and drink at the same time because water dilutes the digestive enzymes and stomach acid. The last thing is eat fruit alone because it digest very fast and if eaten after other food it sits in the stomach and ferments causing gas and bloating.
When you get the combining right, your body gets to use the nutrients in the food. This leaves you with more energy, which inevitably equals more beauty. 

Here are the food combining basics:
  • Starches Veggies = OK
  • Proteins Veggies = OK
  • Proteins Starches = No No
  • Plant Proteins Plant Proteins = OK
  • Animal Proteins Animal Proteins = No No
  • Starches Starches = OK
  • Fats Proteins = No No (or pair moderately)
  • Fats Carbohydrates = OK
  • Fats Starches = OK
  • Fruits are best eaten on an empty stomach
  • Fruit Raw greens = OK (except melons).                                                                                   Remember, fruits go first, followed by greens, non-starchy vegetables, starches and protein. 

    Please leave a comment below. What has been your experience with food combining? Does it make a difference?
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